Camp Merritt Post 21

American Legion Post 21 Hall Rental Agreement

For Hall Located At 75 Legion Drive, Cressskill, NJ 07626


In consideration of the sum of $________plus $300.00 Security deposit, the American Legion

authorizes the rental of the hall ______to _____________________________________(User)

on ___________________,________(Date)   Between the hours of __________ to _________.

The purpose of this rental is:_____________________________________________________


1.Payment.  A $200.00 Reservation Deposit is required upon signing this agreement to reserve the Hall.  The SecurityDeposit of $300.00 shall be made at least five(5) calendar days before the event.  Otherwise, only cash or money orders will be accepted.  Payments are to be made payable to "American Legion Post 21". Credit cards are not accepted. 

2. Cancellation. Fourteen days advance notice must be provided for cancellation of this agreement.  If cancellation is timely made, all deposits made under this agreement shall be returned to the user.  If cancellation is untimely, the user's Reservation Deposit will be forfeited to the American Legion and any Security Deposit provided to the American Legion will be returned to the user.

3. Security Deposit. In the event of damage to the hall or its facilities, or other costs incurred due to the User'sviolation of this agreement, the American Legion shall deduct the cost of said damage from the Security Deposiit.  The Security Deposit does not represent a limitation of damages that can be claimed by the Ameican Legion.  The Security Deposit will be sent back to the User wihtin five (5) calendar days after the event, provided there is no basis for withholding said deposit.

4. Use of Hall. User shall be responsible for maintaining good order and conduct of persons using the facility during the time of occupancy.  Artifacts, photos, or any other American Legion possessions, are not to be disturbed in any fashion.  NO TAPE or TACKS shall be permitted on the walls, NO STREAMERS, POSTERS, DEFINITLEY NO CONFETTI, etc. --  Table Decorations Only. No usage of the kitchen facilities is allowed without prior approval of the American Legion representative and User's payment of an additional charge as may be required.  The kitchen facilities shall be used for heating only.  No cooking, baking or food preparation is permitted in kitchen.  There will be no unatttended children playing inside or outside the Hall.  User shall dispose of table trash in proper receptacles, including any food, paper plates, cups, napkins, table cloths, etc.  All items of the User must be removed by the termnination of the contract time.

5. Conduct of User and Gueests.  The user must comply with all Federal, state and local Ordinances, including the Alcoholic Beverage Control laws.  No alcoholic beverages shall be served to minors.  No sale of alcohol by User is allowed.  the American Legion is not responsible for any articles left, lost or stolen from the User or guests before, during, or after the contracted event.  The American Legion is also not responsible for any injuries resulting from actions of the User or persons attending the event,  and as such, the User shall hold the American Legion harmlesss for any claims, demands, suits, loss, damage or personal injury resulting thereof,

User's Signature_____________________________________  Date________________ 20____

Address______________________ City __________________________ Zip Code ___________

 Phone Number  (______) ______-________

American legion's Signature________________________________ Date________________ 20____




BALANCE DUE $____________Plus $300.oo Security Deposit

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